Engine Upgrades

McIver Engine Reconditioning Service can boost the performance, fuel economy and general efficiency of your engine with a complete engine replacement or engine rebuild.
Our engine rebuilds are performed by a team of experienced automotive experts who will ensure each job is completed to the highest professional standard. Whether it's a rebore, engine balance or head straightening our team of automotive machinists can assist you.

Turbo Engine Kits

If you're looking to enhance the performance of your engine, upgrading to a turbo is a cost effective way to achieve this. We stock a variety of kits to dramatically increase the output of your engine. Our turbo kits can help your engine with increases in performance, stability and fuel efficiency.
While we specialise in turbo engine kits to suit non-turbo diesel engines, we are capable of refurbishing any make or model of engine. We specialise in upgrading naturally aspirated engines including the Toyota 1HZ, 3L or 5L diesel engine models.